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For many years I traveled for my corporate job and spent my free hours exploring cities and towns to learn about the area’s culture, so much of which was reflected in the merchandise sold in boutiques and stores.  Shopping was (and is!) my favorite pastime, especially when I shop with a mission to find just the right item for someone that will produce that twinkle or smile or even tears of joy! 

Opening Splurge has been a humbling and exciting experience as it provides me with the opportunity to be a part of so many of my customers’ very personal journeys.  Regardless of the circumstance--- a wedding, birthday, retirement, baptism, promotion, a bad day (a very good reason to “splurge”!)----or a beautiful gesture of heartfelt support for someone struggling, it is a profound honor for me and my amazing staff to contribute to bringing someone joy, love, kindness and generosity.  I genuinely LOVE searching for special, unique and distinctive products for Splurge. 

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